Race Calendar

2016 Race Schedule

  1. January 9th: Hui Wa’a O Wakinikona
  2. January 23rd: Jericho
  3. February 6th: Mountain Home
  4. March 5th: False Creek
  5. March 19th: Kai Ikaika
  6. April 2nd: Sand Point
  7. April 23rd: Rusy Iron
  8. May 7th: Rooster Rock
  9. May 14th: Manu K Baker Sprint Regatta
  10. May 28th: Na Po’e O Ke Kai Sprint Regatta
  11. June 11th: Hui Wa’a O Puget Sound Sprint Regatta
  12. July 16-17th: Gorge Outrigger Races
  13. July 30th: Race Around The Island
  14. August 13th: Belingham Bay Iron
  15. August 20th: PNW Challenge
  16. October 22nd: Ruston Relay

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