Outrigger Canoe For Sale – Calmar 20yrs old

Outrigger Canoe For Sale – Calmar 20yrs old
$6,000 or best offer
Solid fiberglass Calmar hull with 10yr old Mirage ama and iakos. A very stable set-up. Iakos were recently sanded and re-varnished. O-ring seal in the ama plug is new. Hull needs fiberglass fill in cracks on some seats and all cross braces. Hull and ama needs sanding and repaint but is water tight “as is”. A current local repair estimate is available. This outrigger canoe is built sturdy and weighs approximately 375lbs. Great as a practice canoe. More pics available upon request.
Contact Pat at info@hhwsilverdale.org


Excellent condition Fusion outrigger canoe. Hardly used, great OC1 for the heavier paddler (190lbs and over). Very comfortable seat (#13 in Outrigger Connection sizing, for 6′ and over, but easily carved out for very tall paddlers, or swap out seats in a second). Great fun in open water, and downwind conditions, and all types of surfing conditions. Stable and responsive.
Carbon/kevlar lay up. Length 21′ 6″, beam 16″.
Comes complete with Dakine bag for the hull, and also one for the ama FOR $2500.
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