is the association for outrigger canoe clubs located in the Pacific Northwest. Clubs are located in Washington and Oregon. Individual clubs provide children and adults of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities instruction in the techniques of outrigger canoe paddling. Everyone is welcome – no paddling experience is necessary.

Whether you want to paddle recreationally or want to experience the fun and excitement of racing, there is a place for everyone. Within PNWORCA there is a full season of sprint and distance racing events. Outrigger canoe paddling is a great way to spend time on the water.

PNWORCA’s Objective

  • To unite all outrigger canoe clubs organized in the Pacific Northwest
  • To organize, encourage, maintain and perpetuate outrigger canoe racing in the Pacific Northwest
  • To set standards of equipment and safety for outrigger canoe races
  • To represent PNWORCA members at international forums for Outrigger canoe racing
  • To teach, train, instruct and expose children, men and women in the ancient culture and history of Hawaiian canoeing

Learning how to paddle

An outrigger crew is a combination of six individuals working together in unison. It is the perfect technique and timing of the paddles through the water, not necessarily the physical strength of members, which truly makes the canoe fly.

Each seat in an outrigger canoe has a different objective. Paddlers have a chance to rotate through all positions to find the spot that is right for them. An accomplished paddler can jump into any seat in a canoe.

What is an outrigger canoe?
Upcoming Events
  • Sat, Mar 03:  WS #5 False Creek Racing Canoe Club

  • Sat, Mar 17:  WS #6 Kai Ikaika

  • Sat, Apr 07:  WS #7 Sand Point Outrigger Canoe Club

  • Sat, Apr 28:  Race Around the Island

Race Results
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