Sherri Cassuto memorial, June 18 at 10 am at Magnuson Park, Seattle

Aloha all,

Some of you might know that Sherri Cassuto has died after a long and hard battle with cancer last months…I wanted to let you know about her memorial service in Seattle at Magnuson Park on June 18 at 10 am….more details below.

Those of you who knew her don’t need to have me explain who she was… A warm big smile would great you and a long hug followed. Her accomplishments in the paddling, rowing, marathon canoeing and surf skiing world were numerous and impressive to say the least and she was the most humble person about all that. She will be greatly missed by lots and lots of people and sweet memories of such a wonderful person will linger long after she passed.

Please respond to Susan (info below) should you plan to attend.


Here is more specific information about Sherri’s event

Please rsvp to by June 12th if at all possible so she can get a good headcount.
If you aren’t quite sure if you can attend the event yet, don’t let that stop you. 🙂
Please feel free to come by… There should be plenty of food.

Potluck requests as of now:
Quiche, egg dish, cheese, salami & cracker plates, bread like items (muffins, loaves, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, bagels & cream cheese etc.)
Of course this isn’t request list isn’t written in stone…If you have a favorite please bring it or whatever is easiest for you. And if you find yourself in a situation where it’s hard to bring something, no worries. Your presence is the most important.

Please bring serving utensils. Plates, utensils for guests, cups, napkins provided.

Other details: @10:00am
Shelter 1 @ Magnuson Park on Lake Washington

I-5 Southbound: Take the NE 45th st exit.
Turn left onto NE 45th.

I-5 Northbound
Take the NE 45th st exit. Turn right onto NE 45th St

Shelter 1: Continue Until NE 45th Runs into Sandpoint Way. Turn left onto Sand Point Way NE. Continue on Sand Point Way until the light at NE 65th Street. Make a right onto NE 65th Street. Follow directional signs inside park to shelter # 1. South of the boat ramp on Lake Washington. Look for handmade signs as well…

  • We will set aside time into the event to hear from Sherri’s circle of friends. We will start with designated speakers but then open it up to the group assembled.
  • We are also having an area set aside for any mementos or photos you wish to bring and share.
  • Lynn Holmes has volunteered to compile a memory book. If you would like to write a favorite memory of Sherri on an 8.5 × 11 piece of paper and bring to event, Lynn will compile them in a book and give to family @ a later date. There will be some paper and pen @ the event but if you want to create it beforehand and bring, great! It is a surprise for Susie.
  • This is a park setting so feel free to bring folding chairs for seating. There are benches inside the shelter too.
  • Is there anyone who would volunteer to film this event? There are friends that can’t attend and were inquiring. The thought is to get it posted to YouTube so they can view it. If you can, please email me: soon so I can confirm….(As of 6/9 no one has volunteered. If someone in you group could that would be great!)